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“Ask Option Binary Option Broker at will not let me withdraw my own money. Here is my current balance as of 01/16/17 Total pending withdrawals amount: $11,727.00 Amount available to withdraw: $11,727.95 Current balance: $11,727.95 All i originally wanted was $5,000 and their website reads it takes about 5 days for a withdrawel.

I submited the withdrawel on 01/05/17. Now today as of this post it is 11/16/17. Because of this I now want al of my money. After you submit a "withdrawel" you receive this email "Dear MARY BO...

Our financial deparmtent is aware that recently you requested a withdrawal. We will consider your demand and we will reply you shortly. Please expect news from our side regarding your issue. " So i own my own money and they say that they will “consider” giving it to me.

They even admit they just may rip you off and not pay their customers what is rightfully theirs. I have sent several emails and they are never answered. My broker called me once, and gave many excuses that i dont even remember what they were. I really thought ask option was legitimate.

However it turns out that they are not even licensed. I emailed them many times stating i would file complaints online and they ignore all of my emails meaning they just do not care. Beware of this company Ask Option at Mary C B....” Breaking News! Must Read!

More About Ask Option located at In addition to ask option ripping me off, ignoring my emails, ignoring my phone calls I have just heard from a very reliable source that has delt with ask option in the past that it may very well be a ! As you know from Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme he was cought after many years of screwing people out of money because his current investors grew weary and started withdrawing their money from his company. His company provided fake documents with unbelievable returns. However when his investors viewed their accounts online they were not looking at the real financial market instead they were looking at a server of his company made to look like a real financial market however it was not.

They simply duplicated the market and changed returns when ever they wanted to. When his investors starting to ask for withdrawels he did not have it. He was getting more withdrawels than deposits. Does this sound familiar?

This brings us to a possible reason as to why Ask Option does not give me my money. This may explain avoiding contact with me by not returning emails, not returning phone calls. It may be as simple as that Ask Option simply DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY! They may be going down the same path as Bernie Madoff, just another ponzi scheme!

A broker AKA Ben Jefferson would call me to make trades and win every single time. I have other brokers and no one wins every single time. However he seems to have the magic wand. He also brags about how good he is at trading.

He brags about how much money he makes. Ok, so if you and the company you represent are so successful then why cant you cough up the money you owe me. Think about it. Companies like Ask Option are not regulated.

Therefore who is checking on them. Ben Jefferson said to me by telephone something like they have millions of clients and that many of them are withdrawing money at the same time and also their bank only allows a certain amount of withdrawels during a certain period and that I am in the "Que" to get paid. but he could not give me a time frame. Furthermore if I am in the "Que" to get my money then why does Ask Option heep changing my account status to $0.00 money pending to be withdrawn.

Like any other ponzi scheme the people at the end get stuck holding the bag. Not me. I will post reports every single day all year until I get what is mine.

Mary C. B...

Product or Service Mentioned: Askoption Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I liked: It has been a nightmare.

I didn't like: Are liars, Refuse to pay me, Possible ponzie scheme, Stay away from any of their brokers they are liars.

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lets go find these mfs


i ve got the same issue my friend maybe we should start a class action lawsuit against ask option

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